Moving Forward

Moving Forward – The Future of Aged Care

Information for a Sustainable Future in Aged Care

In respect to the recent Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) changes and updated Rates for July to December 2016, this month we are looking to the future of Aged Care. This article focuses on sustainable ways forward to oppose the unhinged movement in the industry caused by the recent changes.

The changes to the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) Rates are in. Now, as a Provider, can we embrace the changes, focus on growth and work towards sustainability as a foreseeable future for Aged Care?

The Australian Ageing Agenda (AAA) have proposed we focus on ‘people,  processes and systems.’ The information encourages innovation and growth in Facilities as a means to move forward and reduce the consequences of the Federal Government’s changes to the ACFI spending.

Click here to read the article. To view the New Rates of Payment from 1 July 2016 you can visit the DSS.


Dementia Medicine

Dementia & Medicine

More Research on Dementia & Medicine

In ACG’s previous April ACFI newsletter we covered helpful resources for carers and families dealing with dementia patients. Our June edition will provide support and information surrounding dementia and medicine.

Dementia Information for Aged Care Providers

NPS MedicineWise & Alzheimer’s Australia have recently prepared and released downloadable information resources about medicine and dementia. Such information can be extremely helpful for care recipients, their families and carers.

The purpose of the dementia and medicine information is to provide support in areas of advanced care planning, management of symptoms and treatment options which may be best.

To find out more information, visit the NPS MedicineWise Website.